P1010874 2017. Blog Intro……..  Welcome to my Blog and my website, do have a look around! I work in paint and stitch – often together, I have a passion for Witney blankets, tangible colour, children’s art, Chagall and the German Expressionists. I make art because I have to, it’s an extension of my prayer life and the landscape of my heart. I do commissions for people too, do ask if you feel you have an idea brewing or a wall to fill! I also make quilts as a side line. Everything I do is hand stitched and constructed with a painter’s eye for balance & detail. Perhaps you would like an artwork hanging that incorporates buttons and fabric from your own family story? Do get in touch.

Kate Green. 2018                     kate@kategreen.org.uk

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Packs in the Post……🎁


Packs posted today to loads of churches and individuals in Cambridgeshire UK❗️Do message me if you’d like to be on the mailing list ✔️

Saturday………18th November ❗️🎁

Myself and the beloved are having a stand at C3 on Saturday afternoon, selling our wares at extraordinarily low prices! I am launching my SoulSparks and my Art Of Faith plans, lots of unique canvasses (NOT prints!) for you to buy, well under £30 and Martin is selling his stunning carved wooden crosses which are all under £5. There will be SoulSparks done in stitch as well. LOTS to peruse & a chance to get lots of your Christmas shopping done & dusted! Come and find our stand upstairs at C3! It’s all happening INSIDE the building………ice rink, craft, delicious food and ART too. Come and find our stand and say Hi….it would be lovely to meet you. Perhaps you might feel inspired to let me paint something special for you………

You can park in Sainsbury car park over the road from C3. Here’s the post code for your sat-nav : CB1 3HR   – Coldhams Lane. CAMBRIDGE.




Blessed Perseverance………

bp_pump In Romans 12. verse 2, Paul tells us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds, so that we can test & approve what God’s will for us, is. I have so often wished for a proverbial Tiger in my tank (just to mix the conglomerate metaphors) and I did almost benefit from one once as my late grandfather ran an Esso Garage in Middlesex and we inherited one of those bakelite tiger tops off a pump. In the heady days of the throw-away 1980s, it ended up in a skip. Although I lost the bakelite tiger, the far more useful Holy Spirit was beginning to articulate my inner fire. It’s just that it has taken so many years to understand HOW I should put in to practice Paul’s advice to renew my mind and 2017 has been the year “I got it”. Equal amounts of prayer and reading God’s Word, the more the better, and the motorway between heart and mind is feeling well surfaced & free-flowing! The hardest part is thinking about doing it ( a bit like starting a canvas really) because once I begin, let go, pour my mind and heart out to The Father and the Holy Spirit is helping articulate my mumbles, I am blown away by the far greater Love God has for me than I do for Him. No effort, no trudging. Not work, just benefit. The Blessed perseverance bit applies right up to the moment just before I let go and just abide. An hour can feel like a minute. So the drive to the proverbial pump is the tedious bit. My prayer life for years has been like the petrol gauge in my car……..I have run mainly ‘on the the-leaves’ and only bothered filling up when I could stretch my luck no further. Sometimes due to cost but mostly due to stubborn laziness. No longer that for the “transforming of my mind” – with a Bible in my handbag and the sheer bravado to pray anywhere and anytime, I now have The Lion Of Judah at work in me………


New Workshop button on my website!

A chance to get a group of friends together and play with colour, paints, threads, fabric snippets and buttons ALL day! Or, perhaps your workplace could do with an Inset day to help community growth in the company? And then you might be a church wanting to have a go at expressing your faith visually & then fill a wall in your worship space with those authentic expressions of faith! I offer both faith filled and secular workshops and either way you are guaranteed a day of laughter and peace, a chance to produce a portrait of the INNER you !


Bluebird………Holy Spirit ?


My parents own the top piece of artwork, the little girl removing her bluebird costume head, with real blue budgie feathers raining down upon her. I always felt her costume never came off, I just wasn’t sure what the picture was really about, it just came and I listened, painted & stitched! And then…….THIS week, we have been on retreat in Norfolk and I drew the bluebird in a nest, being held by Christ’s hands. Sitting in the tiny kitchen, I worked away in total peace, guided by the Holy Spirit but not certain what the picture was about. TODAY…… as I stood in front of the stitched work at my parents’ cottage I had a moment of revelation as I realised I am that bird, – Spirit & Christ IN me, around me! It had taken a while. Patience and waiting. How glad I am that Mum & Dad own the first piece, that I can still lay my eyes on it regularly! Think I will have to stitch up & paint the drawing in to something more solid AND I STILL have an envelope full of spare blue Budgie feathers………

Nuts Roasted………

Twenty four hours before going on holiday I have successfully roasted a kilo of cashew nuts in Tamari Soy sauce. Some for us and the rest as gifts. The nuts have been winking at me “to get done” for weeks. NOW I feel we can go. Nuts roasted and rather delicious and more importantly, a trial run for Christmas. So, with a kilo of nuts conquered and twenty two new artworks finished for the C3 Christmas Market I FINALLY feel able to switch off, let go and disappear with my man up a leafy lane in Norfolk! We might never come back……but then we have enough Cashews in the car to feed the five thousand. And what do Artists do on holiday? Apart from eat nuts, paint and drink vino? As little as possible……….. see you in a week❤️❗️


Rain through the window…….


It has been so wet outside today that my shed of dreams has been at risk of floating in to the next village. Mice have been audibly scuttling for refuge in the shed roof, squealing as they fight for a cramped dry patch. It’s been a funny old day; painting Christ in an apple tree with the rain pelting down outside. Some summer! We are off this week end to see the film ‘Maudie’  – about the painter. Quite a rare occurrence to have a movie made about a painter, let alone a female one. I mean, if you’re a social worker or work in a super market, or work as a solicitor or a teacher you have your job aired in books, movies and dramas all the time. Even the loneliness of the long distance runner is covered in adverts; But painters? I expect my shed WOULD have to float in to Cambridge before anyone made a film on me. It’s taken 30 years of quietly getting on with it at my easel to learn what being an Artist feels like. Why I am here, why I bother to get out of bed in the morning and what art is actually for. It really has nothing to do with fame or money. Those are nice if they come but that doesn’t sustain your inner fire. My output has shot through the roof since I realised  I am a glory-carrier and i’m just desperately trying to paint as many windows on to God’s Kingdom as I can. It’s a sobering thought that my current picture of Christ in an apple tree may be aimed at someone specific, that it just might speak to them. Art is far more than blowing soot over your hand on a cave wall simply to say “I was here”; art can sometimes make someone’s world a more bearable kingdom. Paintings can be a window on to love and peace that journey with you and prayerfully speak back to you through line and colour. I’m in it for the long game. Hidden away in my shed, bobbing away on rain streams as i float in to Cambridge on this rural tide, mixing ground pigment with egg yolk & hoping my shed roof doesn’t leak!!

Bloody Words………

The problem with a blog, as with diary writing, is that if I carefully express my life’s conundrums in words (too often) my visual art suffers. Rather like drawing something to death before you hit the paints. However, the days ahead in my shed are going to be spent hammering out a painting in egg tempera which is a response to a short story I have written; a weird mingling of word and image. I have entered the story for a competition and will be awaiting the results as I paint. The whole endeavour feels a bit like climbing inside my own head. The story is good, I know that deep down in my gut and one of the tests is that it stands well despite me. I am able to re-read it over and over and get some new revelation and arty thought each time. Interestingly enough, the painting planned is NOT of the exact image I had in my head as I wrote the story…….it has evolved and blossomed in to a different view point. My feeling is, if I say it well enough in print why bother to repeat myself in paint. A change in viewpoint is everything ( as Dad used to say) when I expressed my boredom at yet another similar pose in the life room at art school. He would say things like “try sitting on top of the lockers and look down on her, try lying down and looking up at her” Wise Dad. It didn’t however help with the inclination of one male model who posed regularly, to simply don his lace ups and his Harris  Tweed jacket in the break and saunter around the easels ,having a look with everything swinging. Viewpoint is all………………