P1010874 2017. Blog Intro……..  Welcome to my Blog and my website, do have a look around! I work in paint and stitch – often together, I have a passion for Witney blankets, tangible colour, children’s art, Chagall and the German Expressionists. I make art because I have to, it’s an extension of my prayer life and the landscape of my heart. I do occasional commissions for people too, do ask if you feel you have an idea brewing or a wall to fill! I also make quilts as a side line. Everything I do is hand stitched and constructed with a painter’s eye for balance & detail. Perhaps you would like an artwork hanging that incorporates buttons and fabric from your own family story? Do get in touch.

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“Gathering Her Sparkle….”



Cupboard Love……………

Bit of a 3-stranded Ministry thing going on…… am stitching’ my faith works, about to train as a Spiritual Director AND now growing, pummelling and mixing gorgeous teas, oils & tinctures for those in need of a healing prayer or two…….. all my concoctions made with Love+Prayer for friends and family! My wonderful husband has made me a herb cupboard from scrap wood and I have requisitioned an old bookshelf for jars and drying space, our little kitchen looks rather beautiful & inspiring……Herbs make me smile! 

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A stick & a satchel and God’s Word in his heart!

I can’t recommend highly enough the life and writings of Ignatius of Loyola – he founded The Jesuits and set about getting God’s Word out-there through walking alongside people, living as humbly & simply as he could and speaking out God’s Word wherever he went. Speaking  to you as a crotchety old Protestant, who is currently studying Ignatius’s famous Spiritual Exercises, I can honestly say that I have never tackled anything so spiritually transformational and would highly recommend that you have a go too, no matter what your denominational persuasion! His life story alone is epic and the marvellous thought that his teaching has spanned centuries, remaining useful, is some feat, eh? He is definitely worth Googling & goes to show one should never underestimate the sheer power of God in us, us cracked clay pots.

Old Fire Engine House – Ely

SUMMER EXHIBITION – Celebrating 50 years!

Looking forward to being part of this mixed summer show that runs from 8th June until July 8th ! A wonderful venue that shows art and serves epic food and they have been at it for 50 years! 1968 – 2018 ❗️I have two works hanging in the main gallery – why not pop along this weekend and have a look? There’s a romantic, secluded garden to sit in too….

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Behind the scenes

I have always found it deeply comforting, the knowledge that there are men and women in holy orders all over our globe, in daily silent prayer, passionately praying for you and I, the whole human race in fact. Organised & disciplined pleading and petitioning, dwelling with, offering up joys and sufferings. Even on days they don’t feel like it, even on cold dark pre-dawn mornings in February. I am not only grateful but also impressed. We have a good friend who happens to be a Sister in Orders. We know that when she gets on her knees we can expect change; we have witnessed it in our own journeys, sometimes in a matter of hours. Gratitude to her and to God hardly covers it – answered prayer is like being doused in warm golden & alive light. Over the years I have had so many friends and acquaintances praying for me and so many crises sorted out inexplicably. Actually, I think it fair to say that I am only vertical and sentient, really, because of answered prayers. Blessings come about because of quiet, behind the scenes prayer……some from oneself to The Father and so many more as a result of others praying for you. That’s why, this global prayer movement called THY KINGDOM COME is so very exciting – running from Thursday 10th May until 20th we are encouraged to PRAY FOR 5 PEOPLE, daily, for ten days. We can expect results – some unseen, others visible. When we drop to our knees the texture of the universe changes because we are aligning ourselves to receive blessing! I told my podiatrist today about THY KINGDOM COME & how I was going to take up their idea of having x5 stones on my desk with the name on each of the five I intend praying for. She thought it was a fab idea and then her face lit up, literally, as I dared to tell her that she was one of my five! Sometimes there is comfort in knowing you are being prayed for! So I would encourage you to have a look at the Thy Kingdom Come website and consider doing “Pray For Five” yourself. If you would like me to pray for YOU then private message me on Facebook and i’ll get your name on a stone! We have bought a sack of them from the local garden centre …………….🖍


Correct Positioning………….


It’s a struggle trying to keep making Art from the right starting point! My temptation is to let it become an intellectual game, of irony and dark chase. On some days I just want to stick my head in the sand and stop feeling anything all together; so tempting. And then Love creeps up on you, He makes you sit down, exactly where you are, with HIM and I realise I have been sweating the wrong stuff all along. God loves me and created me to love Him, it is in my response of love to Him that I find my freedom and that involves correct positioning of self; not head in sand or intellectual rigmarole but surrendering, stoping amid the dirt and weeds wherever I am, whatever i am doing and BEING WITH, aligning myself with God. AS I limp along, Jesus walks with me, He says “here’s my arm, lean on me” …..and voila….I am living, walking & breathing Resurrection Power! Art is a doing thing, like cleaning our teeth or practicing our signature as a child; the more we do it, the better we get. The more I practice creating and making in tandem with Christ, positioning myself for leaning – in, the more God’s blessings CAN flow in my Art!! As the Australian Crunchy bar equivalent says on it’s wrapper:- “it’s the way it shatters that matters!”……… so eyes right and remember He has you engraved on the palms of His hands. How we respond to His Love at all times, IS the great dynamic, I reckon…………….❤️

Roar Of The Stitch



My stitched Lion Series continues, exploring “what Faith feels like”. I think the patchwork body of my Lion is looking at the idea of a coat of Righteousness. The Lion is both Christ and Man – Jesus IN us, the roar of The Lion Of Judah within our fragile & sinful mortal frame. Third image underway………. I always think that x3 or more and you’ve got yourself a series; along with numb and calloused fingertips and a veritable truckload of thread!!